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PUGLIA AND MATERA SOUTHERN ITALY PHOTO ADVENTURE Destination  Summary Photograph and experience the azure blue of the Adriatic, the rich red earth and olive groves of the Itria valley. You’ll also explore and photograph two UNESCO world heritage sites, the Trulli architecture of Alberobello  and one of Europe’s most unique and ancient landscapes, the Sassi di Matera. This immersive  seven-day Puglia and Matera photo tour focuses on the captivating region at the heel of southern Italy. It offers a rich historical background with both stunning Adriatic coastline and vibrant rural landscapes that are dotted with charming villages.  Both Puglia and Matera in Basilicata  offer a visual feast combining culture, food,  architecture and natural landscapes for the adventurous travel photographer.  This part of Italy retains plenty  of its authentic charm and allure and its only in the last couple of decades that it’s being taken seriously as one of Italy’s most important regions. The tour will be bookended by two costal sessions firstly in Monopoli and Polignano di Mare  before heading inland to explore the Itria Valley and Matera.  Then back to the coast and the  Jewel of the Adriatic, Trani where we’ll spend our final night. After our coastal sessions we’ll take to the higher ground and back roads of the Murgia plateau that connect the hill top towns to capture some rural scenes including olive groves  rural scenes and Trulli architecture. One of the unique locations of this trip is the UNESCO World Heritage listed village of Alberobello, famous for its Trulli houses. These unique white drystone huts with conical roofs create a fascinating  atmosphere. Nestled in the picturesque Itria Valley, we’ll also explore other captivating towns like Locorotondo and experience the allure of Ostuni, known as the “White City,” with its whitewashed hilltop architecture—an ideal subject for exploration and photography. Adjacent to Puglia, the region of Basilicata is home to the awe-inspiring vistas of the ancient town of Matera and its Sassi cave dwellings, providing a captivating visual centre piece to this tour. One of the oldest continually habited places on the planet it’s full of history and interest. We’ll pay a visit to Casa Noha at the start of hour visit  to get the full emotive  back story  to get a better sense of the place before we explore. In addition to the remarkable sights, we’ll immerse ourselves in the local culture and savor the diverse food scene. You’ll have the opportunity to sample Burrata cheeses, seafood stews, Bombetta, Friselle (toasted bread), and specialty local pastas. Moreover, we’ll indulge in the exquisite wines of the Pugliese wine country Negroamaro and Primitive being two of the best. Taking place in early October, the Puglia and Matera photo tour offers a pleasant climate, free from the intense summer heat. The landscape will also display the start of  autumn colours, creating a picturesque backdrop for your photography. Daytime temperatures are expected to hover around the low twenties. Getting there We depart at 13:00 on the 29th September. You made need to arrange pre trip accommodations around Bari depending on your flight arrival times. Meet up at the B&B LA VILLA AMBIENTI SANIFICATI CON GENERATORE DI ONZO Via Francesco SPeranza, 18, Bari Palese, Bari, 70127, where I will be based. It is less than 5km from Bari airport in the small beachside suburb of Palese. I will be staying there and you may also choose to stay here ( if there is availability ) or a hotel close by in Palese, there are several options. Contact me if you are in any doubt about location suitabilty. Or if you choose to stay in Bari you can take the train from Bari Cenral to Bari Palese station (15 mins)   and I can pick you up there Meet up at the listed venue / Palese / Palese station between 12:00-1300hrs* *We aim to be away by 13:00hrs End point will be the same venue / station / or Bari airport on the 5th October at 12:00 – 1300hrs If you have any specific requirements or further questions, please let us know. Accommodation  After meeting and some sessions the on the coast we head up towards Locorocondo for a 3 nights stay at an outstanding  Agriturismo. 3 nights near Locorocondo. You’ll be staying in well appointed 16th century Trulli houses at the Masseria Aprile ( former fortified working agricultural estates). Comfortable, stylish single occupancy accommodations hosted by an Italian family. 2 nights Matera*  – Staying in the heart of the Sassi with less than a minutes walk to one of the best views over the old town. Single occupancy room with breakfast 1 night Trani*  – one night in the Jewel of the Adriatic in a  single occupancy room. We’ll have breakfast by the harbour on our final day. Meals  We’ll be eating at simple but good restaurants and cafes with the best the region has to offer. Fitness levels Like most medieval towns and villages in Europe, steps and hills will be encountered. There are plenty places to rest up but a lot of the towns are explored on foot. For any other information please get in touch directly.


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MADEIRA PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE – THE GARDEN OF THE ATLANTIC Destination Summary This Madeira photography adventure takes place on the autonomous little Portuguese island that lies off the coast of the north west African coast. It offers waterfalls, misty woodlands, colourful villages, mountain vistas, colourful flora, sea stacks and ocean pools, verdant terraced hillsides all with a unique Portuguese flavour. Part of an archipelago of 4 islands, Maderia is known as the Garden of the Atlantic and year round has a warm subtropical climate. The lush forested slopes, deep ravines and huge oceanside cliffs are  sit on the peaks of high mountains / shield volcano that lie submerged 6km below. On this 7 day Madeira photography adventure  you’ll experience and capture the ancient Levadas ( centuries old, stone channeled water courses ) high waterfalls and cascades surrounded by cool lush laurel woodland with glimpses of mountain landscapes and coastal cliffs. Madeira has a mountainous interior and late afternoon we’ll make our way to Pico Arierio summit  (by van)   for  incredible views and vistas. Looking out over the peaks there are short trails that lead to view points and we’ll capture the sunset as it drops into the Atlantic Ocean covering the rugged peaks with warm atmospheric light. Little villages cling to the vivid green terraced hill sides and waves crash into the black volcanic rocky beaches and headlands that fringe the island. We’ll visit Porto de Cruz in the north, Coral des Freis which is surrounded by high mountain peaks and Porto de Sol in the south to try and capture a stunning sunset. Natural swimming lagoons have been cleverly adapted as safe cooling off spots to relax after a day exploring the Levadas and villages (bring a towel). The island’s reputation is changing from a winter retreat to a more adventure driven location, with people discovering the hidden secrets of this beautiful Portuguese Island full of varied  locations, vivid colour, history and adventure. So grab some winter sun and your camera gear and book your spot on this Madeira Photography Adventure. Contact Glen now to register your interest before it sells out. Accommodation We’ll have two bases during our trip , the first one in the south east in the old capital of Machico , close to the beach. All single occupancy rooms ( 4 nights ). Our second base lies in  north west in the little town of Porto Moniz, ( Aqua Natura Madeira hotel ) famed for its azure blue swimming holes. Rooms will be single occupancy with breakfast. More details will be available soon. Extra Info Getting There Madiera has Funchal airport ( Cristiano Ronaldo Airport ) and International flights are available via Lisbon (Long Haul) or direct from most European cities. Madeira is a popular year round destination with holiday flight providers like Tui, Ryanair, Jet 2 plus more all providing economical fares. Time zone – same as UK Meet up  16:30 on the  24th February  in Santa Cruz, a short 10 min taxi ride from the airport. End point will be in Santa Cruz or the nearby International airport on the final day @ 14:00hrs on the 2nd March Climate It’s a year round easy going climate with winter / early spring temps around 18-20C. It can be cooler early on and late evening with showers on occasion and some cloudy misty mountains are not unusual. So pack a light rain jacket, hiking shoes, short and long pants and light layers. Fitness levels Medium Fitness levels Madeira has a mountainous interior so we’re going to encounter some hills and short climbs once we get away from the coast. We plan doing two Levada hikes to experience and capture this unique aspect of the Island. One is pretty flat with narrow sections at times and the Fontes 25 walk has a 15 – 20 min steep section  (on the way out) with some steps, but most people will have no problems taking their time with rests. There is also a short 5- 10 minute but steep cliff top hike, but well worth the effort. As always everything is optional. Your invited to check out some testimonials from previous photo adventures here  


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Faroe Islands Photo Adventure Trip summary This will be the third Faroe Islands photo tour which is becoming one of the most popular and for good reason. This small group of isolated Atlantic islands is packed with dramatic waterfalls, rainbows, high sea cliffs, deep blue fjords  jagged peaks and tiny villages are all crammed into this little cluster of islands in the North Atlantic. The Faroe Islands group lie around 200 miles north of Scotland in the North Atlantic Ocean and form part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but are autonomous. This spring Faroe Islands photo tour  will feature many of the waterfalls, seascapes, landscapes, villages as well as the capital of this wonderful group of islands. You can find out more about the Faroe Islands by visiting the Islands official website here Faroe Islands Photo Adventure – On Location The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 Islands of volcanic origin and of these we will explore up to seven. Tall peaks cast their shadows over deep fjords and are a feature on the main islands. The smaller islands  like Kunoy are also geographically  volcanic mountain chains with peaks that rise above the sea, dotted with colourful remote villages. Its  population only hits double digits in some places, so the one thing the Faroe’s are not, is busy or overcrowd. The total population is around 50,000 and of this just under half live in the world’s smallest capital, colourful Tórshavn. Dramatic vistas from mountain passes, sheep roaming freely over the steep mountain sides and little pockets of colourful houses dot the bays and hillsides all give the Faroe a unique flavour and offer an abundance of subject matter for the landscape and travel photographer. You will spend your days and evenings photographing some of the best locations on the islands. Highlights include atmospheric old villages, churches , high sea cliffs, mountain vistas, deep Fjords , lots of dramatic light and weather, waterfalls, wild seas and crashing surf, winding hillside roads and lots of sheep ! The Faroe Islands are a real “get away from it” all location – Book your place online now. Extra Information Pick up Points  Start date –  5th May 2025  early evening airport pick ups End date 12th May 2025 @ 10:30 in Tórshavn or airport drop off until 11:30* * if you have a morning flight I will do my best to accommodate drop off at a suitable time. Flights to the Faroe Islands* with SAS or Atlantic Airways ( Faroe carrier) direct from Edinburgh twice a week  / or via Copenhagen – daily / Paris, Reykjavik and Oslo. Accommodation on the Faroes outside of Torshavn is limited but we have a comfortable, self contained  7 bedroom house on the edge of a scenic Fjord at a central  location with fantastic views. All rooms are single occupancy but please note that there are shared facilities. Meals will be a mixture of nearby restaurants featuring local produce and cafes with perhaps a night of self catering. There is a grocery store nearby where you can stock up on personal provisions. Currency Danish Krona – ATMs available in Tórshavn and cards accepted in most stores *flexible depending on flights What to Expect The Faroe Islands Photo Tour is scheduled for late spring  but even when spring has well and truly arrived in Europe the Faroe Islands may still be dealing with colder and sometimes light wintery conditions – so be prepared for all weathers. May is typically the driest month to visit but can still be windy and chilly but with some sunny warmer days in the mix. So gloves, hat and layered waterproof  clothing are required as well as hiking boots. The Island locations will be visited by 9 seater van but there will also be plenty walking up and down some hilly sections and boggy ground. A four mile round trip hike to Trælanipa and a hike up to Kallur Lighthouse are two of the weeks highlights.  Although  the trail is mostly flat at Trælanipa it can be rocky  and slippy in places. Some hills and inclines will also be encountered ( Kallur ) so ensure you’re  fit enough to carry you camera bag over a mixture of terrain. It’s never a race so there will be plenty time to enjoy the walks. If you have any concerns about suitability before booking contact Glen directly. The days in the Faroe Islands are long in May so we will be working with day sessions and dusk sessions only. A typical day is – Breakfast 08:30 /  Session  time 10:30 – 17:00 / Dinner 18:30- 19:00 / Session time 20:15 – 22:15. This is a very sociable trip with communal spaces for editing, relaxing between sessions and socialising with fellow participants. As stated all accommodation is single occupancy with some shared facilities for our group.  If you would like information on anything just drop me an email.


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ASTURIAS  AND THE PICOS DE EUROPA PHOTO ADVENTURE Destination Summary The Asturias and the Picos de Europa photo adventure begins and ends in Santander, the main city in Cantabria on Spain’s less visited northern coast. Once together we’ll travel west along some beautiful stretches of coastline checking out a couple of Cantabrian locations as a warm up.   We’ll then cross into the ancient kingdom of Asturias, the only part of Spain not conquered by the Moors. Vivid lush greens fill the strip of coastline between the mountains and the sea, this is where it takes its name from,  Costa Verde (the green  coast).  But it all changes where the land meets the sea with an endless chain of vivid blue and turquoise bays  dotted with mostly empty beaches that just seem to go on forever. Each hand picked beach is full of character,  with features like jagged pinnacles, arches and chasms. Great to explore, wander and of course photograph. Just a few kilometres further inland is the amazing National Park – Picos de Europa, the Peaks of Europe, named by sailors returning from the new world of the Americas as their first sight of their homeland came into view. The Picos are a compact limestone  mountain range with accessible roads that delve deep into its valleys and high plateaus. We’ll be exploring some of its higher villages, mountain lakes, vistas and sampling some local culinary offerings including. These include Fabada (bean stew), local wines,  variety Seafood and shell fish, Sidre (cider) and the regions famous cheeses including Cabrales (blue) cheese.  A Highlight in the mountains is its most iconic peak the Naranjo de Bulnes that lies at its heart. After two nights in the mountains we’ll venture further west and back to the coast to photograph a handful of its most stunning and unique beaches plus explore a couple of  laid back fishing  villages.  Its most photogenic Cudillero will double as our base and our subject matter at dawn and provide some exploration by day. On the 7th day we will make our way back along the coast via Ribadesella to Santander where the trip will conclude in the afternoon. You can read a National Geographic piece on Asturias here “Why Spain’s Asturias is an under the radar destination” Asturias and the Pico De Europa –  The Locations Register your interest by contacting Glen by email Accommodation  The Asturias and the Pico de Europa photo adventure will have three main bases all with single occupancy rooms. Llanes – 1 night at the Hotel Finca La Mansion, a short distance from the centre of town and our nearby beaches. Cangas de Onis –  Hotel Los Lagos Nature – 2 nights in the heart of the town and our base for exploring the Picos de Europa. Cudillero – 3 nights at the wonderful Casona de La Paca,  a classic house hotel on the edge of the colourful town harbour town a shirt drive from the most dramatic Asturian beaches. * includes breakfast when included at venue – venues subject to availability Extra Info  Meet up will be in the morning at Santander railway station at 10:00am *8th September. End point will be at Santander railway station at 13:30hrs on the *14th September *Provisional dates to be confirmed Your invited to check out some testimonials from previous photo adventures here


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Lofoten Islands, Photo Adventure Lofoten Islands Trip summary The stunning Lofoten Islands lie inside the Arctic circle just off the coast of Norway. It may be in the far north but in September the weather can still be mild and settled and makes for a very different experience from the wintery, stormy scenes of February and March plus the northern lights are now visible again with darker and  generally clearer skies. Another upside is its much less busy than the winter months that attract a lot more visitors. The Lofoten Islands archipelago consists of many islands and you’ll be visiting and exploring 4 of these Norwegian gems. Deep fjords, jagged peaks, wide pristine beaches and hopefully the Northern Lights will make this an incredible photography experience. I’ve ran this photo adventure in both winter and autumn and both times are a great experience.  However autumn offers more access to more locations, northern lights visible with clear skies and no winter storms which can affect travel and time at locations. It’s also a quieter period with less visitors as mentioned perviously. The Lofoten Islands are a truly spectacular  destination for photographers in what is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. Your first base will be near your arrival point in the small town of Leknes on Vestvagøy, from here you’ll photograph the beaches of  Unstad, Uttakleiv, Haukland and Vik at dusk and dawn. They’re also ideal spots for catching the Northern Lights if they make an appearance in the darker autumn skies. The Island of Moskensøy and village of Reine will provide our second base. Most of the locations are only a few miles apart and around every corner there seems to be antother great photo opportunity. Lofoten has to be one of the most memorable and photogenic places you’ll ever photograph. Around Reine, the pointed peak of Olstinden rises steeply from Reinefjord and the surrounding islands with small hamlets are dotted with picture perfect cabins ( Rorbuer and Sjohus ), raised above the dark depths of the fjord on stilts. The nearby fishing villages of Tind, Å, Sakrisoy and Sorvagen can be explored on foot with every aspect bursting with photo opportunities. This a photographic  opportunity not to be missed and one that will make a lasting impression. Places are limited to small, intimate  groups of just 6 so book online now . On Location Impressive sandy (and rocky ) beaches, bridges, fjords, mountainsides, high jagged peaks and dark skies looking out for the Northern lights all will feature on this photo tour. The unique architecture of the stilted  brightly painted Rorbuers ( fishing  huts ) also punctuate the landscape and give a unique look to the photographs. Extra information Start time 12:00hrs  pick up in Leknes  ( Lofoten Islands ) in late September dates TBC . You may need an additional night in Leknes or Bodo depending upon connection times. End time 10:30hrs drop off in Leknes ( Lofoten islands) late  September Getting there: Flights into Oslo from major European hubs (SAS and Norwegian airlines) then connect to Leknes ( SAS and Wideroe airlines) or Oslo – Bødo – Leknes ( Wideroe  are a regional carrier and offer up to 8 flights per day from Bodo to Leknes with a 23kg baggage allowance) or you may fly direct to Leknes from Oslo depending on your timing and preference. You may need to allow a day either side to make connections or allow for bad weather or delayed flights home. Accommodation and meals There are two bases for this trip: 3 nights on the Island of Vestavagøy near Leknes and 4 nights on the Island of Moskenesøy near Reine. Venues may vary but once finalised the exact details will be posted. They consist of classic Rorbuer and Sjohus style houses that are well set up for groups, warm and comfortable, close to the drama and action. Everyone gets their own room (unless stated) with shared facilities. Most offer the option for  self catering, which we will do for breakfast and this is included. Evening meals will be taken in small restaurants or we’ll buy in some groceries and self-cater as group if the mood takes us.  All meals ( apart from breakfast are at participants own expense ). There are several small supermarket / grocery shops nearby that are well stocked and also sell beer and wine etc. What to expect This photo adventure includes an initial practical tutorial on the first day highlighting basic shooting skills if needed to get the best out of each location.   This includes camera workflow, shooting in manual mode and reading histograms. A photo adventure’s  main objective is guiding you to the best locations at the right time with suggestions on types of shot, general settings and composition advice. Participants should be familiar in the use of their cameras to get the best out of the locations, however help is always on hand  and advice freely given. Participants will be invited to share 6 of their  final images  with Glen and their fellow participants for comment after the trip via a secure online link. Weather Reliably fickle weather can be a feature of this part of northern Europe but I’ve experienced some mild T-shirt weather in September as well as chilly and damp conditions.  It can be glorious at times but it’s not unusual to turn cool so you need to pack accordingly, layers, gloves, plus adequate and good quality outdoor clothing ( jackets and over trousers) including waterproof hiking boots that are waterproof. The mixed weather can and often does add to the dramatic nature of light and land. Locations and fitness. Not all locations will be by the roadside, some locations are easy to reach, some require a little effort, walking sometimes on muddy and boggy surfaces. This can involve  short hikes across rocky, uneven terrain and slippy surfaces. Walking times can be up to half an hour – one way, however  participation is optional at every location. All ages above 18 years are welcome but a reasonable level of fitness and mobility is required, regardless of age in order to fully participate and appreciate a Lightstalker’s photo adventure or workshop.  If you have any doubts of your suitability for a specific trip please contact Glen directly.