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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover” Mark Twain

On location in South Iceland

On location in South Iceland


Your Guide – Glen Campbell m.photog

Thanks for visiting and welcome to the Lightstalker Adventures website.

My names Glen Campbell, I’m a AIPP multi award winning master photographer. I’ve been guiding photography workshops and teaching photographers since 2004. I’m passionate about travel, wild places and creating evocative images.

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Based in my native Scotland I also run and guide with Lightstalkers Scotland  which specialises in guiding and workshops in Scotland and was one of the first providers of comprehensive photographic workshops in the Scottish Highlands.

You can follow our adventures here on Instagram @lightstalker_adventures or search for some of my work on 500px as Glen Campbell – @glenphoto1.

Lightstalker Adventures also provides you with the same dedicated attention to detail as Lightstalkers Scotland. My photography trips have always been client focused and I work hard to get you to the best locations at just the right time. So you can create great images at inspiring locations, not just here in Scotland but in Europe, Australia and beyond. This is your chance to embark on a photography adventure with  professional, friendly guidance, creative advice and support.

I create varied and well organised photography trips for small, intimate groups of around six  like minded individuals. They usually all share common goals, to create great images, improve skills, explore stunning locations and share a great social experience making new friends along the way. All our featured locations are thoroughly researched by myself, an experienced, multi-award winning AIPP Master Photographer. This  enables you to get to the right place at the right time without wasting time.

Our Objectives

My key aim is to create a friendly, supportive, informative, memorable and fun experience for all my valued clients, regardless of their of level of experience. We are very proud of our 70% client repeat rate and I invite you to book a trip online and create your own Lightstalker experience that many others have enjoyed over the years. So join us to explore and photograph amongst  some of the most  inspiring  locations out there and create a personal portfolio of stunning photography.

“By reducing the art of photography to its essence, and explaining in simple English how my digital camera could best be taken advantage of, I found myself looking through the lens with a new found inspiration and the confidence to nail the images I dream of capturing. Glen powerfully demonstrated that even the most advanced equipment is just a tool that will only work with sound knowledge of the basic principles of photography.” Tim Cope – National Geographic Adventure Honoree 2007 – Australian Adventurer of the year 2006

Why choose Lightstalkers ?

As mentioned I’ve been guiding and operating workshops and phototours for over 15 years, in the end there is no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Many of my clients have returned time after time completing half a dozen trips or more which speaks for itself. I invite you to check out our testimonials page for some client comments.

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Keeping it simple. I like to keep my photo tour groups small, sociable, informative and fun. Many other operators run trips with 8 – 20 participants, that’s great for them but not for you. This dilutes the experience on location and can get frustrating with too many competing photographers overcrowding  a location. This is something you won’t have to contend with as I believe it defeats the purpose of experiencing wild places. Our small groups consist of  up to 6 photographers max. This creates a good social environment as well as a more practical one, so you can get the images you want without feeling rushed.

We keep our fees as low as possible to offer you the valued client the best deal while maintaining a high level of quality. The locations are the same but our level of service and commitment to our clients is second to none.

There’s no ego here, these trips are all about you, getting “you” to the right locations at the right time and working hard to ensure you get the very best photographic experience possible.

Friendly technical advice and assistance is always on hand as well as pointing out where and how to capture key shots and suggestions on how to improve every aspect of you photography.

If you wish to view our Ts & C’s just click any “Book Now” button on any of the featured photo tours and you’ll see a terms and conditions link, don’t worry you won’t be committing to anything.

My Philosophy

Camera skills and principles of exposure and light are key.

For a successful image the combination of  quality of light and the subject that is in front you is more important than what abilities you have in Photoshop or Lightroom.

“The type of camera you have isn’t that important, it’s  what you do with it that counts”. It’s a well used comment, and it’s totally true.

Sure a great camera with great lenses will produce a better quality final image and we all the want the best. However it’s knowledge, practice and creativity that contribute to bring success.

If it’s not a well chosen subject taken in good light, or a cleverly thought out and well exposed composition, then it doesn’t  matter how good the camera is. Yes a knowledge of Photoshop or Lightroom is important too, but its photographic knowledge and camera skills that count.

So get the best out of what you have. You don’t need the best kit to join me on a trip. It’s attitude that matters along with the desire to learn, experience and  try different things. Being able to suffer failure and frustration, then learn from it is key.   Practice, passion and persistence,  this is how you become a good photographer.

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment” Ansel Adams

My Kit

For whats its worth, I like to keep it simple and light with minimal fuss and gadgets. I switch between wide angle and telephoto lenses, with a  F1.8 50mm prime to plug the gap, I let my feet do the zooming here. All lenses are capable of holding Lee neutral density graduated filters and polarisers.

I use two kits, a full frame Nikon SLR and an Olympus four thirds, mirrorless system for researching new locations and travelling light. Both are capable of producing great images along with some help from me.

Cameras: Nikon D850 SLR with Nikon lenses

Olympus OMD EM1 series with Olympus lenses

Mavik Pro 2 Drone with Hasselblad lens for the aerial work.

Filters systems:  Lee filters

Tripods:  Gitzos and Manfrotto

Camera bags: Big and small – Low Pro, Manfrotto and Mindshift Rotation 180

Post production: Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud for 80% of editing and some Lightroom

Hardware:  Macbook Pro and IMac with western digital back ups

My photographic background

Back in the mid 90’s I had a dream of becoming a professional photographer. I emigrated to Australia to realise that dream in 1997 and lived there until to 2009.  During that time I studied Visual Art – Applied Photography in Melbourne at NMIT. Upon Graduating  I received the Folio of the Year award from the institute. I joined the AIPP (Australia’s professional photography institute) and went on to win the landscape, industrial and architecture categories in the state of Victoria student awards run by the professional body  in 2003.

I then embarked on a freelance photography career. This included working for Astir Images, being mentored by both Andrew Esposito and Rocco Ancora, two of Australia’s most innovative and creative wedding photographers.  Working with Astir sharpened my camera skill’s, my understanding of light and developed my creative eye which would push my photography across all disciplines to a new level.

However weddings weren’t  where  my true passion lay and I eventually moved onto creating commercial image portfolios  for the State Government of Victoria. This included infrastructure, transport, information technology and major construction projects. I also  worked for newspaper groups photographing everything from devastating bush fire disasters, sport, human interest and even the Australian Prime Minister.

During this time  I was still following my true passion – Landscape photography. I explored the numerous National Parks of Victoria and Australia at very opportunity on both 4 and 2 wheels. I  honed my skills on transparency film with my Xpan and Nikon film cameras while building a body of images and knowledge of the landscape and light. In 2004 I was awarded the  AIPP Epson Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year for a portfolio of work and went onto win the same  award again in 2005.

 I also became an Associate of the AIPP and in 2007 received the honour of  AIPP – Master of Photography a distinguished award in the  Australian professional photography industry.

I’m now based in Scotland where I live with my two children Kira and Tomas.

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Photography workshops and tuition

In 2004 I met and teamed up with fellow landscape photographer Tom Putt. Together we co led a series of landscape photography workshops in Australia.  These included Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and the vibrant Red Centre of the Northern Territory. In 2009 I made the move back to my native Scotland, the die being cast and  Lighstalkers Scotland was born.

Lighstalker Adventures is the latest chapter in my story, photographing locations outwith Scotland and as far as Australia.  I’m really looking forward to continuing the adventure,  creating great images with you, sharing my knowledge and passion for photography with my current clients and meeting new ones from around the globe. I hope you take the opportunity to book one of our trips and join me on location soon.

Photography awards and achievements

Gold and Silver awards SWPP/BPPA – United Kingdom 2009* Silver award AIPP Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards 2008 Honour – Master of Photography – AIPP 2007 Silver, silver distncn and gold awards Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards 2007 Multiple silver and silver distinctions Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2007 Multiple silver / silver distinction awards Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2006 Gold and multiple silver awards – Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards 2006 AIPP Victorian Epson Landscape Photographer of the Year 2005 Multiple silver / silver distinction awards Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2005 Gold and silver awards – Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards 2005 AIPP Victorian Epson Landscape Photographer of the Year 2004 Multiple silver and one gold award – Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2004 Honour – Associate member – Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) 2004 Gold and multiple silver awards – Canon Australian Professional Photographer Awards 2004 Landscape / Architecture / Industrial category winner – Victorian Student of the Year Awards 2003 2 silver awards, Canon Australian Institute of Professional Photographer Awards 2003 Member – Australian Institute of Professional Photography 2003 NMIT – folio of the year 2003 Diploma – Visual Arts / Applied Photography 2003 Fuji scholarship recipient  2003